Grandmothering – a new experience

So finally after years of blogging, I think I’ve got the hang of things which is why I am realigning my internet identity. So this is my blog dedicated to my new role as a grandmother. I had previously blogged about this experience on my blog Nappy Tales also hosted on WORDPRESS but somewhere down the line I got mixed up with email addresses and passwords and eventually had to re-start the whole process. So if you find that the articles are copied – they probably are – from my old blog and by me!

When I first started this blog I just wanted to share my experiences with other grandmothers simply because I find that women of my generation are not the typical grandmothers that we grew up with  – those lovely pudgy ladies, with deep soft laps and warm arms whom you could run to for a cuddle all day long, some one who was always at home making the food you love, someone who could understand when you complained about your mother , someone whom you could bully as you grew older and finally someone who seemed to know it all.

Women of my generation have moved out into the world and many have long since forgotten what motherhood is all about. We’ve forgotten those labour pains, we’ve forgotten those missed PTA meetings, we seem to have forgotten what it is like to be even treated like a mom. This is largely because we’ve restricted our children to just the one or two and with the years going by in one big whirl, it is not surprising that we can’t recollect anything – not even the place where we’ve kept the birth certificates away so carefully!

I am now an 18 month grandmother but I still remember that day when my daughter told me that I was going to become a grandmother, it sent me into a panic. What me? But my hair is still not white? Nor am I sitting at home knitting booties.

But I found that making booties was the last thing a grandmother is required to do these days – all she has to do is order online or swipe a credit card at any store and get the best and most comfortable baby gear without counting any purls and knits.

I also found that grandmothering is not as hard as mothering even if your bones are older and your ears deafer and you really don’t have the energy you had as a twenty year old. You may not remember the exact timelines of your own child’s milestones but eventually mothering  is like riding a bicycle – it all comes back to you.

But with all the new discoveries in child rearing, there are several ideas that are scoffed at and several other new ones that are better than the ones we’ve brought up our children on. I thought I’d like to share my experiences with all those grannies in the Universe who have equally wonderful memories to share.


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