Old Mom, New Mom

I’d like to begin my blog with the same first post I’d begun the old blog…………

When my daughter first told me that she hated the colour pink I was certain she was pregnant.

Strange but true.

My daughter was always a girly girl  but was also a modern professional woman. She loved flaunting  her femininity in the workplace  and brought a great deal of empathy and charm in her practice as an anesthetist. She liked to dress well, have her hair in place and even wear a light lipstick saying that the people she met all day were really quite sick and they would be cheered up seeing someone looking bright and well-groomed. This attitude is quite unlike  the attitude of women of an earlier generation who burnt their bras and de-feminised themselves in order to become one of the lads and be considered competent and equal to a man; women of today are unashamed of proclaiming their femaleness and do so with pride and dignity. So when she expressed a distinct aversion to her favourite colour, I knew for certain that she was pregnant , a fact that was confirmed with a home pregnancy test a few days later and reaffirmed with a sonogram a few weeks’ later at the doctor’s clinic.

So how did I know that? Call it maternal instinct.

As a thirty year old mother and a fifty-five year old woman, I knew for certain that my daughter was going to make me a grandmother soon. But yet when she told me that the doctor had confirmed it, I felt a flutter in my stomach. Will I be able to cope with a little one after all these years?

I have always been a stay at home mom, full-time driver of children to their various activities, an inveterate story-teller, agony aunt and keeper of secrets. I’ve helped the children in their school projects, helped them through their college years . I’ve been the family’s tailor, interior decorator, caterer and general dogsbody. Yet I felt a little apprehensive about facing this new career change with this new role.


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