Happy being oblivious or wanting to know everything

While surfing through the net, I came across another blog that shared my concerns about not knowing enough or knowing too much. How much is too much and how little is too little?

Chasing after Ducklings

If this is your first pregnancy, are you being the conscientious student and reading all your baby books…or are you like I was – happier not knowing all the intimate details going in.


I don’t think I ever asked my friends what childbirth was like or even let myself watch an episode of ‘One Born Every Minute‘ because from all accounts labour was painful and I wanted to stay oblivious to what was coming next. I think part of this was so I wouldn’t be scared when it came to labour (like so many first-timers are and shouldn’t be).

I did have some idea of what I wanted from the birthing experience, as a result of attending antenatal classes. I would highly recommend these classes to first-time parents. If nothing else, they gave hubby a quick course on the basics e.g. nappy changing, burping, swaddling and ways of…

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