Keeping the Yummy Mummy to be happy

Women of my generation would probably remember the chubby cheeked baby with a finger on her lip advertising the Murphy radio. Well, I was told as were probably most women my age that a happy mother made a happy baby so I was asked to keep a picture of a happy baby by my bed side so that would be the first happy face I saw when I got up and the last happy face I saw before falling asleep. Well, that was the face I saw first and last, but for the most part I saw the face of my cook whose perpendicular front teeth filled me with dread that my baby would have poor dentition. Luckily, seeing pretty things doesn’t determine a baby’s disposition – it is the mother’s mental health that can keep a baby happy.

Whether the baby turns out happy or not, it is important to keep the mother happy especially at this time of her life when she is swamped by strange emotions and new hormones. And what better way than to keep her entertained.

As a grandmother to be, the best way to keep a mom to be happy is to

1) Indulge her food fantasies and cravings. I remember my own personal craving for chicken vol-au-vents which were quite difficult to come by in those days. Yet my dear husband drove up and down the city only because he was scared that the baby would come out drooling.

2) Pamper the mom to be with a foot massage particularly in the later stages when her feet are swollen. Also go for a hair spa or head massage as there probably won’t be any time to go to a beauty parlor after the baby is born.

3) In the good old days, in my part of the world, pregnant women were sent off to their mothers’ for their deliveries. This helped the young mom to actually relax and do her own thing without fear of offending her in laws. The mother in law normally arranged a send off party calling friends and family, dressing up the mom to be with jewelry made out of flowers. This was generally repeated in the mother’s house too! This custom has been replaced by the modern day baby shower which is normally organised by the friends of the mom to be.

Whatever it is, this is the only time the pregnant woman can really get to enjoy her “singledom” because once baby is born, she will literally be tied down.So keep her happy and indulge and pamper her!


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