Taking care of the expanding wardrobe

It wasn’t long before my daughter’s clothes began straining at the waist. I asked her what she intended doing about it and was shocked when she said “Nothing.”

What do you mean “Nothing.”

“I mean nothing.”

Seeing that this exchange was getting us nowhere, I asked her to clarify and she again said “nothing”. So I re-phrased my question and asked her what her other friends/colleagues were doing about it. The reason was very simple. In my time, the only option available to us was to wear a garment called a “duster coat” which was not a coat nor did we use it for dusting. It was simply a shape less dress that hung to the knee, buttoned down the front and enough gathers at the yoke to hide a baby elephant.

I knew that this garment would never pass muster with today’s young professional who would still want to look presentable when she stepped out into the world. With most women working till almost the last day, they need to have clothes that will allow them to work without feeling uncomfortable.

So once again, I asked her what her friends were doing and was even more shocked to find that they were going to borrow their mothers’ clothes!!!!

Flattered that I was with this final approval of my fashion sense, I was horrified that I would be rendered clothes-less within a few months. I took the next best option which was to scout around for suitable wear.

In the first trimester when the body is just beginning to grow, you can easily get by with larger sizes of regular fashion labels in soft, flowing fabric that flatter . Cotton World, AND and 109 F are some of the brands that one can shop at.

Maternity wear is also available at stores like Shoppers Stop which have multi brands, Mama& Bebe .

Then you have the possibility of shopping online which offers you much more opportunity of looking around for what you like. Though I haven’t used this feature, having shopped online for other products, I can vouch for the convenience of shopping online. With payment options ranging from credit cards to Cash on Delivery and the possibility of returning items you are not satisfied with, this is by and large a pleasant way of shopping particularly when the weather is hot, the traffic is bad and moving around gets uncomfortable in later stages of pregnancy.

NineMaternity has clothes for all the stages of pregnancy in fashionable and easy to wear fabrics

Cherish to has some decent styles particularly for women who prefer Indian wear

Finally we have online maternity wear for sale at First CryBabyOye and Shoppers Stop too!

So get out of the mode of wearing your mother’s clothes and get into your own stylish wear that will flatter your growing silhouette.

As a mum to be revel in your growing baby bump. Your skin will be glowing, your hair will be healthy and you need to have a good decent wardrobe to keep you feeling good about yourself. Impending motherhood is no reason to become a slob in shapeless garments that do nothing to your image let alone your spirits.

You may be wearing these garments for just a few months but it is worth the time and effort to invest in a few. Look out for clothes that are made out of natural fabric, soft pliable and flowing. Opt for styles that will not only accomodate the bump but will also be useful while nursing – side opening, front opening are better than garments you will have to lift up!

Don’t restrict yourself to just the four blouses and saris which can drape over any expanding middle ( of course they are simply the best!!!) but remember, being fashionable is your right. Go out and claim it.


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