Why mothers are mothers forever

Over New Year’s Eve, my computer actually had a melt down and for the past few days I was unable to post anything on any of my blogs. I was actually suffering from with drawl symptoms and could hardly wait to get back to my little black box in my corner of the house.

This evening, after everything was up and running I found this lovely message in my mail box sent by my dear friend Nilu. As school children we’ve shared secrets and as mothers we’ve shared tips. Now with both of us having adult children we share notes on how to deal with children who aren’t children any more.

It’s hard to imagine your children grown up and adult especially when they still call you mummy but when you look at them towering above you and talking more sense than you’d credit them with you realise that it is time to let them go and be themselves. But motherhood is not ┬átime bound and once you become a parent, you are in it for the long haul and it is hard to keep mommydom at bay.

So for all of us who are mothers and children, this is a lovely reminder of why things will always be the way they are .

Thank you anonymous writer of this piece of wisdom for sharing these thoughts.


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