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Customised maternity wear

I don’t really fancy myself as a dress designer but I have a fascination for fabrics and designs and love going to the cloth market to see what’s new . So when I was asked to come up with some clothes for a young woman having her first baby, I was only too happy to visit the shops and come up with some designs.

Getting a maternity wardrobe together is not very difficult but that doesn’t make it very easy. I’ve written about this in an earlier blog post where I’ve mentioned that it is better to go in for clothes that go beyond the maternity and well into nursing phase so that you get good enough wear out of them. But this time round I was specifically told to concentrate on clothes suitable for office as the mother-to-be doesn’t really intend working after baby is born and can deal with a wardrobe only for nursing mothers.

So you may well ask, is there really a difference between the two? Obviously, the main difference lies in the fact that nursing clothes need to be open down the front or easy to feed with side opening or overlapping panels so that it is easy to feed baby. On the other hand, maternity clothes need to be fashionable and uplifting so that the mother-to-be doesn’t feel lost in her hormones and feel miserable while looking at her unfashionably expanding waist line. Of course, mothers-to-be are extremely proud of their baby bumps and some actually prefer wearing body hugging clothes that cause the bump to bulge which may be ok for the slight bump but when it becomes a ready to pop pregnancy, it would be far more practical and seemly to wear loose clothing.

I think the best fabric to use for maternity clothes is soft flowing fabric – either cotton, silk or polyester which is light and pretty. All the tunics below can be worn with long skirts or maternity jeans or jeggings and have flattering pin tucks that accommodate a changing waist line yet look elegant enough to wear normally. The electric blue cowl necked georgette tunic will look great in the office and beyond while the pink and green shirt which can be belted for more style will be of use even after the baby is born.

There are many online stores selling maternity wear in India now but I still find it easier to look up designs and adapt them to our conditions with the help of the local darzi. 


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