Are you ready for the baby?

This post is specially for the young , working mother whose career is on an upward trajectory. Motherhood is demanding and a life long commitment – it is a life changing experience that is like no other. Getting a job, having a relationship, relocating, career moves – all these rites of passage simply pale in comparison to having a child because this is one job you can never really take a break from. This is one commitment that is one sided because your baby never asked to be born.

So, are you ready to take this on?

Like everything else in life, you have to get ready for baby. Before you actually get pregnant you have to make sure that you are in good health – try and keep your body smoke and substance free so that your body doesn’t go into shock when you have to stop smoking and alcohol when you discover that you are carrying another little one inside of you.

Clean up your act

Once you find out that you are pregnant, it would help to have a more regular life style because in the first trimester you are going to feel really very sleepy. This is natural and don’t try to fight it so be prepared to take things easy. While pregnancy is not a disease, it is definitely a life altering moment and you have to slow down your pace of things unless of course you are a professional athlete. But this doesn’t mean that you stop all physical activity – a daily walk is a must and later on you can add some stretches in your pre-natal classes.

Expect tales of expectant mothers

The minute you tell anyone you’re pregnant, you will be subjected to a story of her pregnancy. Of if the person isn’t a parent, you will hear a story of someone else’s pregnancy. It is strange how everyone has a story to tell. So be prepared to hear a hundred different stories from different people round the world. And it just doesn’t stop with the stories – you will get lots of unsolicited advice as well. Remember to suffer in silence – you will have your revenge when you tell another new mother your own pregnancy story!

Choose your obstetrician wisely

With every doctor’s visit you will have to do some more tests and it would be best not to read things up on the net. While information available is authentic, it can serve to create anxiety so go visit your doctor with an open mind. So it is essential to choose a doctor whom you can trust implicitly. Each doctor has his own style – there are some who don’t bother with details while there are others who explain explicitly. But once you’ve chosen your obstetrician don’t cross check with another doctor – especially if the two are professional rivals.

Changing more than your body

Yes, it’s true motherhood changes not only your body but also your attitudes and relationships. Suddenly you’ll find that you no longer find the evening drink before dinner with your partner very relaxing – since you can’t join him in quaffing, you actually begin chafing and want to hurry up with dinner so that you can relax in your bed.

Your long jaunts are restricted because you’ll need frequent pee stops and as you get heavier you’ll find it impossible to sit through long concerts or even have a long lie-in in bed!

Motherhood will mean child friendly holidays, child friendly events and child friendly friends.

Motherhood will mean changing plans at the last minute, it will mean minute attention to baby’s needs.

Motherhood will mean no perfume and make up, no dangling earrings or chains.

So where’s the positive ending?

With all these dire words of warning why would anyone want to go through with having a baby at all? Frankly, the gurgle, the giggle, the spittle, everything that a baby does makes any inconvenience a trifling hiccup after all.


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