Contentment is a warm lap and an armful of bears

IMG_0505      “Come let’s go to the garden ”
“No” came the answer, emphatically.
“And from there we’ll pick up your mom”
“No! Cars ! ” he said, pointing out to the traffic jam he’d arrayed in front of him : his collection of a bulldozer, a cement mixer,some police cars, utility vehicles ,sedans trucks and buses! Cars are little P’s latest passion. It all started with showing him the buses that passed by largely as a means of distracting him from what could be a potential melt down and soon going to the garden to see the traffic became a great obsession.His early names like  ‘ Peep peep’ ( for car)  and ‘nee naw , ( for fire engine and ambulance) soon morphed into ca and tuck before he actually distinguished a mickers  ( mixer) from a tanker. His vocabulary increased tremendously and he could soon identify the different vehicles on the road starting out with tanker and then to more complex words like bulldozer, ( boo do ser) words which only we could understand with his unclear baby diction.

But if there’s one thing he loves more than cars is his mother so when I told him that I wanted to take him to the garden before going to fetch his mum, he was up in a trice.

He quickly got through a nappy change, quietly changed his clothes and even allowed me to run the comb through his hair. Then he promptly ran to the sofa on which his stuffed toys were kept and picked up his two bears and a rhino to accompany us on the ride. With his arms full, he could barely see where he was going but refused to either hold my hand or give me something to carry.

We got into the car and he made himself comfortable on my lap. He clutched on to his animals and leaned back on my stomach. As the car made its way down the road I expected him to give me the usual run down of car, bus and tanker but was surprised when he sat still. I looked down and thought his eyes were shut but it seemed they weren’t. He was just cruising: happiness it seemed was a warm granny lap and an armful of stuffed bears.


One thought on “Contentment is a warm lap and an armful of bears

  1. Aww! I love that! A warm baby in the lap! I had a similar experience, last week when we visited a nearby temple, along with my Lil Ishaan.

    Thanks for the share that took me back to the trip! I thoroughly Enjoyed the read.

    Liked by 1 person

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