The First True Love

With Valentine’s Day just over, there is a lot of love still going around. Is it something to do with February or is it just the surplus of strawberries in the market that make us see red hearts all over the place?


I’ve had a string of Valentine Day wishes sent to me by people who were obviously not my valentines but just a sharing of greetings that are available nowadays especially since messages are so easily sent via WhatsApp and other social media gadgets.


A message sent  via my Class WhatsApp showed up a different kind of love that most of us tend to overlook or forget in our daily lives. While it is a bit cheesy, I thought it worth sharing on this blog.


Well, I tried to upload the mP4 movie on this blog but it didn’t upload so I went via the YouTube upload. I was successful in uploading the movie but when I saw it published under my name, I balked so I decided against posting the video which is definitely more powerful than mere words, however soppy they are.


Essentially the movie spoke about a love we all tend to forget – parental love – and that our first love is not the boy who gave us the sweet smile on the first day of school or even the pretty girl who did our homework for you – it is none other than our parents who loved us from the moment they first set eyes on us.


I remember the very first-time someone told me how newborns look like little monkeys I was simply appalled at this simile – How could my wonderful, simply gorgeous offspring be compared to a simian? But believe me, newborns do look quite ugly especially when they just emerge, blood and all. Yet, one look at these squirmy little beings and you are smitten for life.

The minute we step out into the world we start resenting the restrictions, the admonitions, the advice, the interference and everything our parents do simply because they care for us and very soon we forget that they were the first ones ever who loved us!

So this is just a gentle reminder to all of us out there – never forget your first true love………

A special Thanks to the classmate who shared this message with us.






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