Sneeze today and still sneeze tomorrow!

The Case of the Confused Virus

It is that time of year when the strawberries are in the market and so are the mangoes. Mangoes, as we all know are harbingers of summer while strawberries signal the arrival of our brief pleasant spring but when they are both here together, it is equally confusing for man and beast.Honestly, this year’s long lingering winter is really driving all of us crazy especially the cold viruses that don’t know whether to go or stay.

January was a month where all of us sneezed into one another’s faces and had a relay cough and cold going on – no sooner did Mr. Virus bid one of us goodbye than he was made welcome in the body of another resident of the house and with six of us breathing under the same roof, it wasn’t long before Mr. Virus became a permanent resident too!

Children and old people are particularly susceptible to Mr. Virus and his friendly relatives and with both categories in our home, the Virus family have  plenty of opportunities to hang around.  And what is worse is that they hang around for at least a week as there is simply no way one can turn them away or zap them from the face of the earth. Frequent viral attacks leave children even more prone to subsequent infections and so a sneeze today still stays on  tomorrow.

A spoonful of sugar?


How I wish I could be like Mary Poppins and trill happily to little P that just a spoonful of sugar will help the medicine go down. No matter how sickly sweet the medicine or disgustingly pink or yellow it is, the minute it comes out of a bottle and onto a spoon, he purses his lips into a firm line across his face , pushes his hand away and says very firmly NO.

And if you think drops are easier than syrups? Try this :

Carefully squeeze in the required dosage of medication in a calibrated dropper (which is hard to read). The hold down the baby with one hand while at the same time taking care not to drop any of the medication and then swiftly and carefully put in baby’s nose, one in each nostril. Obviously these instructions have been written by a writer of fiction. 


As for syrups, they’re no better. Once again, hard to measure and even harder to pour, it is no wonder then that doctors advise you to do nothing but just ride out the virus. It’s been almost a month and a half give or take a sneeze free week that we’ve been harboring one bug or the other.



We’ve spent hours pacing up and down, trying to keep down the cough and soothe the baby. We’ve gone through enough bottles of cough syrups and sprays to no avail. So I’ve come to the conclusion that while Mr. Virus is around, take a deep breath, sleep whenever possible and keep up your spirits with a glass of warm water and brandy, a dash of lime and teaspoon of honey.










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