Toy story 




Strange as it may sound little children don’t really like toys. After two years of babysitting I can say with authority that the favourite toys of any child can be found in the kitchen! Yes, the simple spoon and a steel pot or catori to bang on can grab the attention of any child and keep him sufficiently distracted from going through a major meltdown.

The first kitchen utensil that caught my little Ps fancy was the lid of insulated pot for keeping chapatis hot. He became so possessive about this lid that he loved to spin that we had to get another pot for the chapatis.

His current favourite is the Mixer or Mixie as we Indians love to call the food blender and he marches into the house and demand it be brought out from its place in the kitchen and kept in the range of his vision. This toy is now central to his games and all his cars and crayons go into it to add flavour to his imaginative play.

Which kitchen utensil is your child’s favourite toy? 


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