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How much is too much?

The other day I was busy tidying up and wandering from room to room with half an eye on little P when I suddenly saw him picking up the Mixer and humming to himself. Before I knew it, he had burst into song and was happily belting out “Jingle Bells” even though it was a week away from Easter. Quietly I took out my phone and videotaped the whole performance before he became aware of someone photographing him and immediately sent off the video clip to his mother who in turn shared it with his father and we all had a good laugh in the middle of the day.

Later on in the evening while handing over charge, my daughter told me she was amazed at this performance because it seemed he was trying to imitate a famous tenor whose Christmas video they had played last week. Our little P has quite a ear for music and loved listening to different genres right from when he was little. But today, he was trying out a different style of singing, unabashedly flinging his arms wide and pretending to count with the orchestra in front of him. I realised that he was totally uninhibited and singing to his heart’s content. This was something new I’d noticed in his play of late, when he is left to himself, he is quite a different person.

Why do we adults always feel that a child must be watched 24 x7 ? Often our care comes across as stifling and the child becomes conscious and therefore, reluctant to try new things. Observed from afar he dares to be different and dares to be free so I feel a child should be left free to explore his own personality and develop through free play.

So the question is how much care is too much? 



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