My blog: the resurrection.

Young mothers are always at the receiving end of lectures on how to do things- from their own mothers, perfect strangers and consultants ( doctors, teachers, counsellors etc). Do you ever find yourself as a young mother find yourself intimidated by other mothers who make you feel you are doing it all wrong? This young mother shares her experiences at the playground which make her realise that the playground is not always a friendly place…..

Operation Italy

why resurrect a dormant/ (possibly dead) blog? because, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Aai has decided it is time for her to take her place on the dreaded stage of aais (mommies), albeit this time, in Bombay. after a year involving relocation back to the Motherland, a low-keyfirst birthday of PDL, a hectic job and a whole lot of new responsibilities, DDL has decided it is time to break the silence and speak out against the madness that is termed “parenting” in Bombay!
ofcourse, while i have to admit that everybody subscribes to their own brand of parenting, the ridiculous obsession with the word “brand” is what stuns me! most of the conversations i have with moms i meet for the first time ensue as follows:
“how old is your little boy?” asks Mother 1 at the park.
“Two,” i reply, proudly.
“Which school?” enquires Mother 2.

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