Tomorrow I turn Two


and baby develops a passion for the pressure cooker!


Tomorrow I turn  two.

I become a two-year-old grandmother.

I will celebrate this day by allowing Little P to help make his own birthday cake. At least that is what I plan to do and hope it materialises. As a mother of two girls, I am constantly amazed at how different baby boys are. Baby girls at two are also different from what they are at one, but baby boys at two are definitely nothing like baby girls at that age. For the past six weeks or so, my little grandson developed an intense passion for the Mixer  and would confidently march into the kitchen every morning and pull it out of its regular cupboard. From the initial fascination with just the jars, it developed into an obsession with the console and finally mounting all the jars one on top of the other till he made himself a three-tiered mixer! Yesterday in his glee, he flung out the top of the cover which unfortunately had to travel down 23 stories and when it reached the bottom, it had broken.

He did show remorse when he realised that his simple “tung” ( his word for throw) had resulted in his mixer “boked” as he explained to his friend in the garden yesterday. Indeed, as a two-year-old, a child can convey complete ideas with sparse sentences. It is interesting to hear him recount his day to his mother in his simple baby talk.

A one-year-old has grown tremendously in his first year on earth and is just about waddling or wobbling on his unsteady feet.

A two year old has made even more strides in his development, having learnt to walk firmly on the ground. He has learnt to jump, climb, clamber and do all kinds of things that will make his granny’s heart race, will have her leaping to her feet to prevent him from falling and eventually learn how to endear himself with his cute gestures and mannerisms that make him irresistibly cuddly and cute.

But he also learns the power of the scream and dig their heels in.

A two-year old’s imagination and curiosity know no bounds and you have to really be careful of what catches their fancy.

Since this morning, I found that he has developed a passion for the pressure cooker!

Now this is a prospect that fills me with dread because just last week I’d heard a story from my friend of how her grandson who is also two, loves the pressure cookers and will not rest until all four of them are brought out from the kitchen to be played with in the living room. This little chappie knows exactly how each pressure cooker lid fits, and which weight is used for each pot! And just when I began to think he was weird, I heard about another little boy who turned two last month, who has an insane love for his granny’s cookers – all four of them and had to be pried free from his favourite one with a lot of cajoling from his mother.

I’d love to know if other readers’  son/grandson fall in love with a pressure cooker on his second birthday? 

English: Pressure cooker
English: Pressure cooker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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