Mr. Silly tells a story

One of the activities I most enjoy with my Little P is storytelling time. The minute it’s time for bed, he gives me his hand he allows himself to be led into the bedroom and as he scrambles up the bed asks for his paci and book. Then, he settles among the pillows and waits for our little game. I quickly throw the washed pacifier on the bed and he grabs it with glee and stuffs it into his mouth. Then from the little gap he hisses out “book” and the session begins.

Over the months, he has developed a distinct preference for books. He definitely loves the  Little Lettermen and a series of books that I’d discovered belonged to my own children – Lord Axminster and two books of a series Farmer Flinder’s Hat and Presto the Magician. These slim books are just the right size for his little fingers to hold and the pictures are simple. Occasionally he likes Chicken Little and the Cat in the Hat but by and large he likes stories the way I tell them  at a pace in keeping with his mood.

I always like to involve children in storytelling and we always begin with Once upon a time (even if it is not in the story). Anyone who actually reads the book will find the words quite different from what Little P has heard because I have often had to make up the stories since he insists I read them without my specs. So the story changes from time to time with lots of inputs from Little P.

But what I like most is when he also improvises and starts ending the sentences with gibberish.

“Once upon a time there was a ?  ati

And the ati went?  ati ati ati

And then?  ati ati ati

And they lived happily ever ati ”

The story varies from a few sentences to many each one ending in giggles and finally Little P bursts into guffaws, taking out his pacifier and laughing like a really big boy!

I really love this story session by Mr. Silly which always ends in lots of cuddles and kisses.

What are your storytelling sessions like? 


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