Children · developmental milestones

The Big Jump

For you and me, jumping is no big deal but for little ones it is a major milestone.

For the past several weeks, Little P has been trying to get both his feet off the ground. Jumping is a big deal because the child finally knows that he can leave the ground and come right back on his feet. From time to time, he would swing himself on two supports and get his feet off the ground, jump on a bouncy sofa or mattress and even fling himself into our arms from off a chair so we knew how keen he was on achieving this milestone.

I was wondering how long it would be before I had to change the springs of the sofa but today he finally did it!

We were sitting around having a cup of tea when suddenly he jumped and both his feet were off the ground at the same time! Yes ! It was only a 2″ high jump but we felt he had broken an Olympic record. He was so excited that he went running around the house and jumping again and again just to ensure that it wasn’t a fluke.

But now that he’s managed to do so, we have another worry – that our Mr. Adventurer doesn’t try and jump off heights especially when he is unattended.


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