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The big scam

There’s a sucker born every minute- let that sucker not be you!

Every day there are new products that entice you to buy them, promising your baby unrivalled comfort and often you buy them blindly.Swimming nappies are a case in point. A recent incident proved that they are not quite what they are made out to be and your baby who is nicely padded up in an expensive swim diaper may actually be better off swimming in regular diapers with a diaper cover or plastic panty on top!


Operation Italy

just dropping a quick line to tell you a strange experience we had recently. Since pdl has chucked the day diapers I was going easy on diaper inventory (high up there with onions and potatoes, as expensive and always running out!) and noticed one night that we had NO diaper to put him in, one night! While DGL gamely decided not to point a finger at my distinctly poor organisation, he suggested that we put him in a swim diaper, because, what the hell, it is a diaper after all. So without u wrapped up in his swim diaper costing all of 70 rupees each (yes!) we put him to sleep only to find, an hour later, the bed as wet as the deep end of the pool!

“How did he pee so much?” Asked DGL incredulously.

“How did it absorb so little?” I retorted frantically.

We immediately changed the…

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