Why every baby should be a kangaroo baby.

Why every baby should be a kangaroo baby.

Last night Little P spent the night with me and I thought he’d love the idea of having the huge big bed in which to sprawl in. But I was surprised that he was tossing and turning, missing the comfort of this grandfather on the other side ( he was away travelling). After watching him once in a while actually getting up, looking puzzled at his pacifier and then going back to sleep,  I actually grabbed him close and watched the tension slowly dissipate and soon he was back sleeping peacefully as he always does. This got me thinking that touch is more important than we think. While it is important not to smother the baby, it is important to develop some skin contact. Babies feel comforted by the sense of touch and smell, the only way they can identify their mothers at this stage.

P’s mother was given this advice of  Kangaroo Mothering  by a friend’s mother – a no-nonsense gynaecologist who ran a successful maternity home in the suburbs. Like every new mother, Anna Shetty was apprehensive about feeding but this commonsensical approach to child rearing stood her in good stead. Her little baby grew well, knowing that his mother was at arm’s reach and he thrived in her protective warmth.

So for a happy, healthy and well fed baby go kangaroo. It helps in breast feeding ( ease of feeding as well as stimulates lactation) as well and keeps mother happy too!

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