Is It Wrong to Give Your Kid an Extraordinary Name?

Is It Wrong to Give Your Kid an Extraordinary Name?

Naming a child is always a difficult task because you want a name that is unique,easily remembered and easy to spell. It should also be something you can live with. I don’t know if it’s true but a sister in law staying in the States told me that her neighbour once mentioned that she didn’t know how to address a new Indian neighbour because his name was Gopi. Said in the American drawl it came out as Go Pee which is definitely hard to say without smirking. When asked to address him by his second name, she said it was even worse! His surname was Dixit which came out as Dick Shit !

With so many people having global connections the trend now is to have names that are easily pronounced by foreign tongues hence Rahul , Raman, Ajay, Lena, Maya, Rita are always popular. Names like Siddharth or Nikhil which can be abbreviated to Sid and Nik are acceptable. Recently there has been a spate of names like Vivan and Aryan , Reina and Anaaya. Equally popular are names from Indian mythology particularly of the minor characters whose names are real tongue-twisters.

Recently I was asked to suggest potential names for my soon to be born grandchildren and very politely declined the honour because I find it a great responsibility- to saddle the child with a name that he will be able to live up to and live with all his life.

So when I saw this post, I felt it was something I just had to share because unlike what Shakespeare said, a rose by any other name doesn’t smell as sweet and there’s lots riding on a name!

Painting On Scars

Hello My Name Is... (Image by Alan O’Rourke of used under CC licensevia)

Every coupled friend I have here in Germany is, as of this year, a parent. And looking upon the names bestowed upon the new generation, I must say I like them all. Or at least, I don’t hate any of them. This is impressive when considering that, if my partner and I ever want to get into a fight, we simply start discussing names we would hypothetically pick for a child. Just give us five minutes and soon we’ll be shouting, “Bo-ring!” “Flaky!” “Hideous!”

And then we run up against the unanswerable question: Is it harder to have a mundane (a.k.a. boring) name or an unusual (a.k.a. weird) name?

While I enjoy the sound of my own name—as many if not most people do—I haven’t enjoyed seeing Emily end up in the top ten of the most popular…

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