Long distance granny

My dear newly born grand daughter 

With your birth I’ve joined the ranks of million other grannies who get to see their grandchildren on FaceTime or Skype and talk to them in time zones that are different. I won’t see your first smile, won’t watch that first step and miss out on so many milestones that you will pass on the way.

From your photo that was Whatsapped within minutes of your birth I can make out that you are as cute as a button. I will miss holding you as a new born infant , will miss hearing your first little cry, miss seeing you crinkle up your nose like your mum and miss your smile of deep contentment.

I wish you every happiness and know that you will bring your parents immense joy.

Grandchildren are special no matter how far and I look forward to seeing you soon.

With lots of love always 


Mumbai Granny


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