Today’s kids are differently wired

Years ago when I first got my computer, I was upgrading from an electric typewriter to the trust old 486. For the first twenty minutes, I just looked at it, partly in awe and partly in ignorance – unable to figure out what to do next. I called a teenaged nephew ( yes on the old fashioned land line with a fixed instrument no less) and after much running around between the two rooms where both the gadgets were connected I managed to get the computer up and running. I once asked my computer man how it was possible for adults to find it difficult to do anything while teenagers could manage without so much as a wink of an eye. “Simple,” he told me, “they are fearless and confident that if anything does go wrong, their daddies are there to take care of it!” I couldn’t understand the logic but found it to be true.

However, the other day the peace in our house was shattered by the loud alarming wails of my father-in-law’s computer. He being an octogenarian is even more at sixes and sevens with technology so asked me to step in. I adopted the attitude of a teenager and pressed a few buttons till the computer kept quiet. Unfortunately, my father-in-law didn’t want a quiet computer, he wanted a working computer and stared hard at the screen willing it to light up. Just then, my little two-year-old grandson whose head just about came on top of the table pressed a button and the computer came to life!

We were amazed – as I’m sure the little fellow was because the computer must have just come on accidentally? Or did he really know what he was doing?

I wonder………..

p.s. I’d like to thank the classmate on my WhatsApp group for sending me the picture that inspired this post!

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