Rock a bye Baby – tips for buying a Bassinet.

A bassinet is a must for a new born, particularly when there is an older sibling around.

We had prepared Little P to welcome a new sibling but we ourselves were still unsure of how to prepare for the new baby! Since Little P was co-sleeping with his mother, we thought new baby would do the same with the new arrival, but with Little P around, it was a dangerous situation to leave a new born in a big bed with a little toddler free to clamber all over him! So began the hunt for a perfect cot.

When Little P was born, we actually borrowed a wooden cot which was technically supposed to last for at least three years. In our house, it lasted just the week : this wooden cot which could be dismantled was dismantled once too much and the screws became wobbly and finally the cot just collapsed. Luckily, the cot was empty but it taught us one great lesson – NEVER BORROW A COT THAT HAS BEEN DISMANTLED SEVERAL TIMES.

Then began the hunt for a baby’s cot, and after several recommendations from new mothers, I picked up a cot from ¬†Just Mom’s¬†that has served us well. There are several shops like JUST MOMS but most of them require a 2-3 week delivery period.

Once, bitten, twice shy, so this time I decided to go in for a bassinet for the new born as he would have Little P’s cot once he went home. Once again I went to Just Mom’s but there weren’t any bassinets available off the shelf. SImilarly I was disappointed to find nothing with Chicco and Mothercare. So I had no option but to go on line. There I came across several options and zeroed down to two – Sunbaby and Mothertouch. I actually called Sunbaby who put me on to Gulshan Toys at Crawford Market as their official distributor.

But Gulshan himself suggested MotherTouch and I came home with a High Compact Cradle. When I came home I discovered that stays to prevent the cradle from rocking were missing so I called Gulshan who promptly said he’d send his man to check out problem failing which I could call up the manufacturers directly and get the problem sorted out.

And wonder of wonders it worked! I was amazed that Mother Touch sent their man within two hours who when he discovered he’d got the wrong part, actually got the right one the next day!

So today I can rest safe in the knowledge that little Baby can sleep comfortably in a bed that can’t be rocked by his older sibling who can’t always control his movements because he is still a baby himself!

Tips for buying a bassinet

  • A bassinet can only be used for around six months so try and make sure that the crib/cradle/bassinet is compact and can be folded away when not is use.
  • Ensure that the bassinet is at a convenient height. Some bassinets like the Fisher Price one is at the height of the mother’s bed which means that she will have to bend over to bring the baby out. This can be quite tedious though this is a wonderful option for a crib that needs to be transported every day.
  • Make sure that the bassinet is sturdy. While a rocking bassinet is convenient to calm or soothe the baby, the baby’s weight makes the bassinet shift and eventually the baby can be squashed to one side so it is advisable to keep the bassinet firmly in place rather than have a rocking cradle.
  • Always check out physically the state of any bassinet – I wouldn’t really advise online purchases unless you are really sure of what you want to buy.

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