What to expect with Baby no 1. when you get Baby no 2.

When Baby no1 came into our lives we were all over the moon. After years we finally got a little tyke who took years off our ages. He also took years off my knees and my back as I found after picking him up and picking up after him. But I’m not complaining simply because this is by far the most enjoyable work out ever – far beats moving my arms up and down or bending forwards and backwards with other fitter and slimmer women in the gym. Here I can twist and turn at leisure and with complete pleasure.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

However, when Baby No.2 came along we were still over the moon except for one person – that is Baby No. 1. Now that he was no longer baby no. 1, he changed from a mild-mannered angel to the occasional “Look at me NOW’ kind of devil. Of course we had prepped him with stories of how it would be once the New Baby came out and how he would always be Baby No1. but even though he accepted the stories, nothing prepared him for what would actually happen.

Our angelic little darling suddenly developed a loud and strong NO which he used most indiscriminately, shouting the moment someone other than his mother approached him.

Tantrums and meltdowns

Expect more tantrums and melt downs at the slightest excuse. Baby No1 is in a very vulnerable situation and anything can make him have a tantrum.


For one, what really freaked him out was seeing his mother in bed – a mother who hugged and kissed and cuddled him all day long, who suddenly couldn’t lift him up for fear of hurting her stitches and  a mother whose hand had odd things stuck on it. He couldn’t understand why he couldn’t jump on her tummy or her bed for that matter. And why did the room have to be so warm?

Of course, he loved the baby, and he loved the presents the baby got him (according to one of my friends who is an early childhood educationist this makes accepting a sibling easier for a child who is not yet three) but why couldn’t mummy just leave the baby in the cot and come home?

Baby No 1 couldn’t understand what all the fuss was being made about this tiny little creature and actually became more belligerent with us his caretakers and would insist that everything be done either by his father or mother.

By the way, our little P laughed when I asked him who got him his new car – and gave me a knowing smile and said “YOU DID GRANNIE!”


6 thoughts on “What to expect with Baby no 1. when you get Baby no 2.

  1. I just read it over and over again. My Goodness, i cannot imagine, Lil Ishaan turning to Devil when his lil bro / sis arrives. hehehe.


  2. When my brother arrived I was 2.5 years old and with all the attention he was getting I was jealous. One day I tried to take revenge by poking my fingers into his eyes.. Thankfully somebody caught me in the act.


    1. wow! that’s the kind of situation we’re scared of. There’s just about 2.4 months between my two grandsons and we know that there will be sibling rivalry and its attendant reaction…….So far we’ve just about learnt to deal with frequent meltdowns and tantrums


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