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Helping baby accept the new baby

What do you do when you’re only two

And someone new comes into your life?

Some one who’s almost a fifth of you

In length and strength 

Who has your mother’s whole attention 

And some of your father’s too?

It’s hard to find that you are no longer

The focus of your parents’ universe

Isn’t it? 

Just think of how it feels to find 

The rug pulled from under your feet 

Well, last week little P’s world came crashing down when his new sibling came into the world. For a while we discovered another side to him, a real Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde situation . Luckily things are slowly getting better thought we haven’t completely avoided the daily melt down. 

What did we do different this week?

  • Firstly his mother has recovered from her delivery and can finally carry him. He has gone back to his daily dose of cuddles and is more accepting of his sibling now that he knows he is not completely displaced in his mother’s life. 
  • Secondly, he is thrilled to find his mother and father consciously spending more time with him and this has to some extent calmed him down. 
  • Then we are allowing little P to get a little closer to his sibling albeit with utmost caution and this has made him more accepting of the situation. 
  • We are giving him more adult tasks that involve him in baby care like getting clean swaddle cloths or singing the baby to sleep. 

A word of caution though: we never leave the two of them alone unattended. After all big brother is still a little baby and as yet unable to calibrate his movements . 

But essentially, we’re getting there and Little P will eventually accept and reconcile to his new sibling. All it requires is some patience and firm handling. 


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