A Baby on each knee and One in the Bed

Never in a hundred years would I have imagined a situation like this :

  • One baby dandling on each knee
  • One baby sleeping on the bed.

Indeed, these past few weeks have been the  busy and fun yet with both my girls home with both their babies born just 5 weeks apart. With the eldest of my grandchildren being no more a baby himself at just 2 1/2, the house was transformed into a veritable maternity ward with squealing infants and nursing mothers at almost any time of day. While there were afternoons of relative quiet with sleep times actually coinciding ( albeit for an hour or so) and everybody catching up on the much needed forty winks, the house was quite chaotic – meals were eaten in turns with one child being shushed while the other child was being fed to the tunes of “Wheels of the Bus” for the millionth time on the iPad. With the toddler on the move, ever ready to show his endless love with kisses that can become a “loving tap” before you know it, we’ve had to keep one eye on him too, and make sure that the babies are well within our reach and completely out of his.

Yesterday was particularly crazy when both babies’ feeding times coincided and the big fellow rolled off the bed! Immediately both mothers sprang into action and before I knew it I was dandling both well fed infants on each knee while the toddler was being comforted in his bed.

(The image is not mine nor is it of my grandchildren. I’ve just picked it off the net without prior permission.)


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