Thank God for the POOOO

A was unusually quiet and lying still in his cot . Then he let out a painful scream and turned red in the face, his body contorting in pain. We touched his body to find it hot. Immediately we sponged him down and have him some Paracetamol. That seemed to help because his fever came down. Of course, not immediately but gradually and only because of the medication. 

We wondered what it was -there were all kinds of viruses and bacteria floating around and with all the doctors at home there was a range of terrible diseases the little fellow could choose to suffer from. But while we decided what virus could have attacked the little fellow ( differential diagnosis I believe it’s called) the only thing we could do was keep his fever from rising by periodic sponging and giving him paracetamol not more than four times a day. And of course giving the drops (just 5 of them ) turned out to be quite the impossible task. Like his older brother ( could it be running in the family?) he has the unique ability of selective spitting- assiduously spitting out the things he didn’t want to swallow . So bringing the fever down was harder than we thought. 

In the meanwhile, his little face became smaller and acquired the look of quiet resignation. His loud protesting screams became occasional pathetic whimpers and his squirmy body stopped squirming as he lay passively in our laps or clutched on to our shoulders. 

Gradually the fever did climb down but his feeds were still scanty. Then, after 24 hours he let off one big whopper and with a whoosh, all his poo came out of him and out of his clothes! Suddenly his colour changed into a nice healthy pink. All of a


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