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The Pamper secret to a Happy Baby

In the beginning

Being a two and a half year old grandmother ( the half is VERY important) I can proudly say that I’ve become pretty much an expert on baby poo. In the beginning when the babies were just born, we collected the black sticky un-poo like poo in thin, cotton loin cloths or “langots” as the nursing staff would call them. We needed almost a ton of these ( no a dozen are more than enough) as the babies used them faster than you could say Jack Robinson. These have a very short life – as long as the meconium – and it wasn’t long before we graduated to using cloth diapers.

There is a huge variety of diapers available and many diapering solutions. The latest among reusable diapering is the unflatteringly called BUMGENIUS . I must confess I’ve never used this product more intimidated by the pricing but I’m sure it must be good else it wouldn’t have become so popular.

I was more into the eco-friendly, earth mother diapering option and preferred using the old fashioned cloth diaper: one that had to be folded and kept in place with a plastic cover or panty. I preferred using the one size fits all plastic cover called Bambino 20 pointes that keeps the diaper in place without any pins.

The march of time

But anyone will agree that while cloth cotton diapers are eco friendly, they are definitely more work especially on rainy days when nappies don’t dry for days at a time. So having found that  washing them, ironing them and storing them with that faint smell of damp is decidedly uncomfortable, it wasn’t long before we said environment be damned and switched to the easy option of disposable diapers.

This was an option that was simply unavailable in my time and I still recall with pride to my daughters how their nappies remained spotlessly white even after being worn by two babies! And they didn’t suffer a day’s nappy rash. However, times are changing and we have to change with them too or get left behind in a pile of baby poo so we started out with Pampers Newborn or the smallest size that was available. We found these extremely useful but my daughter who had a baby overseas came home with a packet of Huggies that she found useful. In the first month she had used disposables that were eco-friendly , made out of recycled paper pulp and supposedly organic which she had to change almost as fast as she put them so moved to Huggies but when she came home to Mumbai, she switched to Pampers .

But, I must confess that despite being a granny for 30 months, a mother for more than 30 years it took me just 3 hours to understand the secret of a happy baby.

So what is the secret to happy babies?

It’s quite simple really – all that a baby needs to be happy is food and rest. While managing the food part is relatively easy, very often it is the sleep part that makes a mother lose sleep.That’s what I discovered at the Blogadda and Pampers #SoftestforBabySkin event which was part of Celebrating WIN15. This launch of India’s softest diaper ever – so soft that a baby won’t even notice was anchored by Actress & Television presenter-MandiraBedi who also shared her handson mothering experiences with  Actress & Celebrity mother-Tara Sharma.  Leading Baby Sleep Consultant consultant-Ajita Gopal Seethepalli told us how important sleep is especially unhampered, undisturbed sleep !  And the icing on the cake was a demonstration by Pampers R&D Expert–Dr.Wei Sing Long who proved  the truth of Pamper’s claims.

 The importance of a good diaper (in terms of softness, dryness and fit) should not be underestimated. Babies have to be physically interacting with their environment in order to learn and understand it. Diapering baby in soft and dry pants like Pampers Premium Care can be a great way to help enable undistracted exploration, giving him the giggling feeling of freedom you both love.” Ajita Seethapalli

The Event

Of course there were video presentations that left you teary eyed with their right plugs of cute babies waddling with their cute bottoms but it was interactive too with all of us given a blind test to feel the softness of Pampers new product. All of us put our hands into a box with three Pampers and 92% of us identified correctly – #SoftestForBabySkin – after which the product was officially unveiled for us.

Tara Sharma shared some heart warming clips of her diapering days while Dr. Wei actually showed us what went inside the pamper to make it what it is soft and dry.

So all in all it was a short but sweet , well organised event that had the few babies in the audience happy too!

I’m a believer

Having been intensely immersed in poo and pee for the past six weeks with three grandchildren of varying sizes and shapes staying with me, I can honestly say that I do believe that this is a product worth going for irrespective of the price for when one considers the hassle of washing frequently and in bulk, the crankiness of a wet child and the irritability of a sleepless night,

it is definitely worth it

“This blog post is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda

Pampers Premium Care Pants Logo

I’ll be trying out the freebie samples in the next few days and giving you my frank and unbiased views to look out for my next post.

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