#SoftestforBabySkin – Pampers new pants

#SoftestforBabySkin – Pampers new pants

The pamper got soaked through in two hours. He woke up howling now still not ready to sleep on the bed. Stuffy nose n lots of farts

This is the genuine, unvarnished  reaction that my daughter Whatsapped me this morning after using the new diaper from Pampers. Our little A, my littlest grandchild is a bit of a fussy sleeper and since he had a case of the snuffles last night, she thought that this free sample would do the trick- keep him dry and therefore rested the whole night through. Or at least for the larger part of the night. Alas! her reaction proves that he still woke up despite the new offering from Pamper. 

Pampers Premium Care Pants Logo

I had received a pack of 9 diapers when I attended the #SoftestForBabySkin product prelaunch and was thrilled to do so because I consider myself as some kind of authority on pee and poo with first hand experience thanks to my three grandchildren of varying ages.

The product

At first glance, the diaper looks like any other pamper but when you actually feel it and compare it with another, as we did in the blind test,  you will realise that it is distinctly  softer and smoother to the touch. This is because of the baby lotion that is specially added to protect the baby’s tender skin.


Ease of use

Unlike other pampers, this elasticised waist band makes it easy to slip on. Also the used pamper can easily be ripped at the side and rolled up and neatly taped up before disposal.


Personal experience 


New Pampers Premium Care Pants are so soft and dry that your baby won’t even notice them, thanks to Pampers 5 star skin protection. Lets take the 6 claims one by one

  • Soft materials/fabrics: specially chosen with delicate little bottoms in mind YES
  • All-around waistband and soft cuffs: for a comfortable, snug fit minimizing leakage YES Most definitely keeps in all the super squishy poo
  • Up to 12 hours of dryness: Pampers core quickly absorbs helping keep wetness away from the skin to help skin protection NO and YES. Absolutely true. Our champion Pee er remained completely dry even though his pamper was completely WET. However, the champnion that he is needed to be changed within 4 hours in the day and 2 hours at night.
  • Baby lotion: A drop of lotion to help protect you baby’s precious skin YES. You can feel the smoothness that prevents skin from chafing
  • Wetness Indicator turns from yellow to blue when in contact with fluid to help parents know when it might be time to change YES. The colour does change as the pamper gets wetter.

Proof of the pamper is in the peeing

Despite the fact that our baby didn’t stay dry for 12 hours, the product does live up to its claims of being super absorbent and super soft. As you can see from her reaction , the pamper was so super absorbent that it was full to capacity in less than 4 hours and its well fitted leg cuffs does prevent super squishy poo from leaking out.

The last word

Everyone will agree that while cloth cotton diapers are eco friendly, they are also more work especially on rainy days when nappies don’t dry for days at a time. So having found that  washing them, ironing them and storing them with that faint smell of damp was decidedly uncomfortable, it wasn’t long before we said environment be damned and switched to the easy option of disposable diapers.

This was an option that was simply unavailable in my time and I still recall with pride to my daughters how their nappies remained spotlessly white even after being worn by two babies! And they didn’t suffer a day’s nappy rash. However, times are changing and we have to change with them too or get left behind in a pile of baby poo so we started out with Pampers Newborn or the smallest size that was available. We found these extremely useful but my daughter who had a baby overseas came home with a packet of Huggies changed to Pampers when she found them better.

Compared to the other products available in the market this one is a bit steep at Rs.11 a pop so it may not be the first choice of young moms who have to factor the cost of diapering in their monthly budgets but for die-hard Pamper fans, this product is the dream product they’ve been waiting for and indulgent grandmas who have the wherewithal to Pamper their grandchildren should definitely do so!

“This blog post is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda

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