Why do you need a pram????


We were sitting in the garden the other day and I was discussing with the other newly minted grannies the merits and demerits of the different prams available in the market.

What rubbish! Don’t waste your time with such stuff! We Indians don’t need prams and car seats ! Why do you need a pram when you’ve got a servant.

I was aghast at this reaction from  Preetiben who loves sitting on the seat of the scornful and poohpoohed  my remark with disdain, in much the same way she dismisses all conversation that doesn’t involve her or her loved ones. Well, there are lots of people  who think like Preetiben and prefer to have their babies carried everywhere by nannies or helpers or didis or whatever it is you wish to call the person you pay to help look after your children (or those whom you don’t pay and still carry the baby like daddies and uncles and aunties and  grandpas and grandmas)

5 reasons why you need a pram


  • Work while you watch : Even if you are a full time baby sitter, there are times when you can get some work done while baby is asleep or even playing by himself. Ideally a baby can play in his cot or bounce but how about you? Can you work in the same room as the cot or bouncer? In that case, a pram is the ideal solution to keeping an eye on the baby while you get a job done.
  • Eat in comfort :  In my experience, babies are fitted with a radar that beeps every time mummy sits down to eat and this often leaves me  holding the baby in one hand and stuffing my face with the other. Now anyone with common sense will tell you that this is very dangerous and completely inadvisable – not only are there chances of food falling on baby – especially a hot curry or soup.
  • Keeping baby safe from older sibling: The green eyed monster is not imaginary. He does exist and comes to life the minute baby no 1 is pushed off the pedestal by baby no 2. It is not always jealousy that drives our two year old to approach his brother but genuine affection. However, being little himself, he doesn’t know the extent of his own strength and an affectionate tap given in passing leaves the new little one screaming in agony or a bear hug that literally leaves the poor fellow breathless and gasping. So we find the pram a great way to keep the siblings apart and yet in the same room with the rest of the family.
  • Mobility : All babies love being rocked to sleep. That simple motion seems to get their eyes to close magically. Yet, the minute you put them down, they wake up and demand another round of walk around the house till they really go to the Land of Nod. This is not too hard when baby weighs just about 2-3 kilos but if you are walking around with a 6kg + infant, it is definitely a recipe for a tennis elbow or worse still a frozen shoulder.  A pram can easily do the trick as you wheel the baby round the house till he falls asleep.You can wheel the baby around and rock him to sleep. All babies love being carried and rocked and lulled into sleep. Bouncers can’t be carried so a baby in a pram is easier to move around.
  • Space: Unlike the bouncer which restricts the baby’s movement, the pram gives the baby some room to wiggle around and some space to call his own.

Aren’t these reason enough for you to get a pram ? 

Now the question remains: which pram do we look out for? The high end one, the cheap one, the stroller, the pram, the umbrella fold, the travel system? The options are mind boggling and often confusing for a first time purchaser so watch this space for tips on what to look out for while buying a pram.


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