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Where is the donkey?

It was raining very heavily as we were returning home from the Club the other day. It was, what you would call, a typical cloudburst during the receding monsoon, one that  no one was prepared for, least of all the people walking on Marine Drive who were literally out in the open with no option but getting wet. Darkness descended suddenly and the street lights were still dim. The traffic was moving very slowly and it was difficult to manage driving with pedestrians leaping in and out. I saw three men walking on the wrong side of the road and in the wrong direction, walking towards me. It was difficult to see them and Hubby Dear  managed to brake just in time, so I crossly said to everyone in the car ” Just look at those donkeys walking on the road!”

Little P who was perched on my lap was bewildered.

Where is the donkey? he asked me.

I realised then that children have big ears and are quick to pick up. We have to be careful with our words: children take things literally and when I used the word “donkey” Little P was looking for the 4 legged creature that brayed!


2 thoughts on “Where is the donkey?

  1. True true…Children take things in the literal sense. Once husband said “mere to paon (legs) toot gaye hain.” Dhruv was quick to point out ” kahan toote hain, joined to hain tumahre paon.”


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