What’s the magic word?

Yesterday was a particularly hot day and Little P insisted on having a drink from his father’s Appy.

“Not until you say the magic word,” said his father, reminding him to say Please before asking for anything.

“Gobbledygook” came the prompt reply, eyes shining with glee.

“No, that’s not the magic word. What is the magic word?”

“Wizziepops”, continued the little one, thrilled that he actually remembered the magic word.

“No! What is the magic word?” persisted the father not at all happy with the answers he was getting.

“ABRACADABRA” said Little P, absolutely sure he’d nailed it this time.

While Little P’s mother and I were in splits with this exchange of words, the father clearly wasn’t and finally said ” Please” to which the Little One responded ” Thank You”.

Mr. Presto was the magician in Little P’s favourite book ABRACADABRA ( which sadly isn’t available any more!) who always forgot the magic word. Though he thought on his feet and said the magic words that came to his mind, the outcome of the tricks were quite different from what they were supposed to be. This didn’t prevent the audience from enjoying the show and making Mr. Presto a successful magician.

Why do we always expect things to follow a pattern and get upset or disappointed when the results are different from our expectations? Little P obviously thought that the magic words were the ones he learnt in his story and not the ones that were drilled into his head every time he asked for something


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