developmental milestones

Oh those terrible Terrible Twos.

In the beginning

I’ve been meaning to follow up on my tips on how to buy a pram but was completely derailed by Little P’s unusual behaviour. I’ve said this before, how a 2 year old can turn from an angelic cherub to a veritable Mr. Hyde but nothing prepared us for his simply awful 60 minute tantrum yesterday.

For the past several days he’s been coming home in a semi funk – almost like a pot bubbling and ready to boil over. We’ve also been handling him with kid gloves and distracting him whenever he threatens to burst but yesterday somehow things went all out of whack.

So he came home from school yet again in a semi funk and was all prepared to have his lunch while watching Teletubbies on the iPad. Sadly, our internet connection is pathetic to say the least, our WiFi even worse and the signal was week and the teletubbies refused to dance on the screen.

This was the first trigger that set off a whine……iPad, iPad, iPad which stopped as soon as he was shown teletubbies on the PC. But none of us were interested in teletubbies so when Little P found that he was the only one staring at the scene, he got bored and began whining for his mother to join him. Naturally she refused.

That was it.

The tantrum

He then actually began a howl and a scream and a yell all at once, hitting his mother and demanding some cheese. Naturally she said no and naturally he said “cheese.” This went on for all of 60 minutes by which time all of us were ready to tear our hair out. It was also the time it took for his father to come home after which he miraculously kept quiet.

How and Why?

We wondered how the presence of his father could make him switch off his bad behaviour and become an angel once again.

A talk with some mums who happened to be professional counsellors told us that this was par for the course. This was merely a two year old’s ways of testing the boundaries – to see how far he could push you and the limits of your patience.

This time we won.

But, we were told, that this wasn’t the last time it would happen. In fact we should expect more in the next 4-5 months.

The Antidote?

So does that mean we suffer this deafening crying at least once a month? And what can we do to pre-empt or stop it?

Pre-emption would mean ensuring that the child is always in the optimum conditions that HE likes i.e right temperature, right environment, right amount of food inside and right amount of rest. Tantrums are most likely to happen when a child is tired and hungry.

And if the tantrum does happen, try and calm the child by patting him on the back or allowing him to play with water. These two activities literally cool the child down and allow him to cope with the disappointment of not getting his way.

                                  Copyright: İsmail Çiydem Stock photo ID:66262287 Upload date:June 15, 2015

I wonder if these tricks really work. How do you deal with a tantrum? 


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