Ok so I bought a pram.

Now don’t tell Preetiben but I did buy a pram. Actually I didn’t buy a pram pram but a stroller that can function as a pram.


The difference between a pram and a stroller

Now I had done a great deal of research on strollers and prams so let me make it easy for you

  • The difference between a pram and a stroller is the size – prams are bigger and meant for infants who have to be kept flat.
  • Strollers are lighter and generally suited for children who can hold their heads.
  • Strollers can be folded and carted around easily.
  • Strollers have harnesses and restraints .

Does more expensive mean better?

There are all kinds of strollers available in the market and you should really buy one that is suited to your needs rather than what is trending. So go for one that fits your budget. But generally speaking the more expensive one will be hardier and have more features but expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better or best.

What should you look for?

  • Size and weight – How bulky is the stroller? A good stroller should be one that you can easily fit into a small family car without help. Also see how high the handles are and if they are a comfortable height for you to push. A very low handle will make it difficult for you to push.
  • A very heavy stroller is difficult to carry when not in use.
  • Safety – How sturdy is the stroller? A good stroller should be strong with good and firm wheels that move smoothly. The stroller should also have a safety harness that holds the baby in place.
  • Material – Go for material that breathes. A totally synthetic fabric will make your baby cook in the heat it traps.
  • Reversible Handle – I think this is a must because when the baby is really small, it is more comfortable for him to see you while he is being taken around.
  • Brake Locks – A good brake lock is essential so that the stroller remains in place when kept unattended for a while.
  • Hood – An adjustable hood is a good idea to protect the baby from the sun

How does the LUVLAP measure up?

Frankly I bought the LUVLAP online after having seen a whole load of strollers at Just Moms and Kamdhenu. I would always advise you to actually physically see the stroller rather than relying on an online description. There are several good strollers in the market Chicco, Gracco and of course the unbeatable Maclaren but not only these were more expensive but some of them weren’t really suitable for a newborn infant even though they claim to be good enough.

Am I happy with the LUVLAP?

Yes and No

Yes because it was easy to assemble. It is light and folds well and fits into my little Santro’s front seat.

No because the safety harness is a joke. I don’t think I’ll be able to use it once baby starts sitting cause he can easily slip out of the pram.

So the LUVLAP is a great stop gap arrangement but definitely NOT A LONGER TERM SOLUTION.



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