Dispelling myths…

New mothers, particularly love to think that their little darlings are the world’s darlings and often give their little ones a long leash , enabling them to find themselves, do things at their own pace and decry old methods of child rearing as not only old fashioned but bordering on child abuse. This blog post shares a young mother’s opinion on modern child rearing techniques that will leave many of you wondering if sparing the rod does spoil the child .

Operation Italy

well yea, I did read a lot of books- the parenting manuals, new fangled ideas of child rearing etc, while DGL and Penny (my mother) laughed their guts out!

“Try reasoning with your two year old,” snorted Penny. “It’s impossible!”

“But XYZ book says I should explain how what he’s doing is wrong at a time when he is neither over stimulated not under stimulated, neither too sleepy or too wired, not too full or too hungry and when he is at his calmest best!” I exclaimed.

“So what are you going to do to stop him when he’s threatening to jump of the railings of the cot, onto his baby brother’s head?” enquired Penny curiously. “Wait for a calm moment after he has jumped on him?”

“Phwaa!” I dismissed.

So over the past few months I have come to some conclusions and would like to dispel certain new fangled…

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