Busting the myth of the Maclaren Umbrella stroller 

Oh no! Not another post on a pram! My apologies, but this is an experience I just had to share . 

On a recent holiday to Singapore, I happened to come across a Baby Fair at Takashimaya a high end department store on Singapore’s posh Orchard street. 

I wasn’t really keen on visiting since I already had most of the baby gear in place not to mention the Disadvantages of an Indian tourist: currency and baggage allowance. However, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to have a peek. 
To say I was gobsmacked was putting it mildly because this place has it all- breast pumps and breast friends and cradles and cribs. There were Pampers and tethers and toys and yes…….PRAMS.

I just couldn’t resist testing out the different umbrella strollers and found that the Maclaren is NOT the Rolls Royce of umbrella strollers. particularly the Quest and Techno XT models 

  • The stroller folds forwards or in other words you have to bend forward to collapse it
  • It doesn’t stand upright when folded 
  • It tends to topple backwards when the handle bars are used to hang your shopping 
  • It is a whopping 7 kg which isn’t light
  • It is quite difficult to open and is definitely bulky and clumsy for a mum to manage with a baby in hand 
  • It may be a British brand but it is definitely not manufactured in the UK

So why would you want to go in for a Maclaren? 
Especially when you have a host of other brands to chose from like Peg Perego for instance.   


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