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Water babies at the Baby Spa

Yesterday while window shopping , we saw a strange sight – there was a row of jacuzzis around a window and in one tub, we saw a little baby splashing away and gurgling with glee !  For a moment I thought it was a toy or a demonstration of a baby jacuzzi but on closer inspection. I found it was a real baby in a baby spa!!!


The concept of a Baby Spa came as a shock. I mean who has heard of a manicure and pedicure for a baby? But then it struck me that if dogs and cats can have spa treatments, then why not babies? Besides, anyone who has tried trimming nails of squirmy little infants can vouch for how harrowing the task is. 

Of course it is indulgent but if you do have the money to indulge , why not?  Babies love the water and as parents, we are scared to let them play in a pool. And this would seem a great option for a little one to ‘go back to the womb ‘ as it were . The baby was well protected with floaters and also held by a watchful attendant (not to mention closely monitored by the parents who were obviously enjoying the baby’s reaction) . 


So if you happen to travel with an infant to Singapore,this could possibly be the experience he’d really enjoy,especially after being carted around all the sights and shops with his parents!   

BB Spa is conveniently located at Paragon Mall at Orchard Road, a popular shopping destination for all tourists. 


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