First concert

 I can’t believe that the year is coming to an end and that I’m waiting for the annual school concert of my grandson’s school.

Yes,today is my Wow Dinga’s first concert and like a typical granny am suitably excited. 

For the past month or so the little ones were practicing dance steps that seemed quite complicated for toddlers to manage but some how there was magic in the air and they all performed like champions. 

 Mary and Joseph climbed onto the stage and while Joseph looked solemnly at the audience, Mary flashed a brilliant smile. The angels flitted in and blessed the baby while the three shepherds brought along their stuffed sheep. One of the kings from the Orient made his way on the stage with his crown coming down his faces and all of them began to dust off the confetti that fell from above! Predictably there wasn’t a dry eye after the initial Nativity tableau.

Then followed a wonderful song and dance routine where the world came to life with the little ones dressed as fruit, vegetables and various creatures woodenly went through the motions. 

Two and four year olds are quite fazed with bright lights, crowds and the general demands of  “performing”. While many of them are star performers in front of adoring audiences at home, there is no guarantee that they are born to the Stage.

My little Wow Dinga was dazed and sadly didn’t display half the flair he had while practicing at home. But we aren’t complaining as there are a lifetime of concerts to attend. 

This year has been one of great joy for us with two more grandchildren entering our lives. This has turned Wow Dinga’s little world upside down so perhaps that’s the reason he looked lost on stage. 

I do hope the next year is more peaceful for him and all of us including you, dear readers. 

So here’s wishing you all a Happy New Year ! 



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