Dresses for little Princesses from  Tia’s Closet 

Our Christmas morning was a lot of fun as we watched Wow Dinga open up his presents one by one. 
But ’tis the season of giving and receiving and as this was Ms Papaya’s first Christmas, he gifted her a pretty little dress.


We were simply stunned with the pretty pink bag with silk ribbon handles and a gorgeous envelope containing the  most adorable little dress as scrumptious as the cup cakes  that adorned it .
  Where o where did you get this pretty dress from? I asked his mother Anna Shetty.

Well, I won’t keep you in suspense any more…. she got it from Tia’s Closet. I dug deeper into the wonderfully wrapped gift and found that it is a newly minted brand retailing online. I further tracked down the provenance as I felt a good thing has to be shared and was simply impressed by the brand’s quality that I felt I had to interview Aditi Mehta, a pharmacist by profession who gave it up to become a passionate designer of children’s clothes when a little muse called Tia came into her life.

Tia’s Closet – a line of chic dresses for little girls 


1. What made you design clothes for little girls?

The idea stemmed from pure desperation. I am a new mother (my daughter Tia is now a little over 2 years old) who realized it was very hard to find contemporary comfortable little girl clothing in Mumbai. If I wanted to dress Tia for a play-date, celebration or party, I either had the option of frilly flouncy dresses, which I soon realized my daughter was not comfortable in, or basic hosiery dresses from local stores which every other child owned. That’s when I started designing outfits for Tia myself. I often heard phrases like fresh, elegant & chic for the clothes I designed – so there I was after much prodding from fellow mothers and family, working on a collection for little girls. 

2. Are you going to make clothes for little boys?

I have been asked this question innumerable number of times which makes me feel maybe it’s a great idea; however, I do not have any immediate plans of adding a little boy’s clothesline.

3. What fabrics do you like to work with and why?

 Since comfort is the key, materials used are child-friendly: rich easy-to-wear textured fabrics or printed soft cotton. Almost all the clothes are lined – with malmal, soft cotton or santon silk

4. Are all your clothes everyday clothes or for special occasions?

 Tia’s Closet offers simple and chic designs for little girls that can be worn effortlessly through every occasion – From a fun playdate to a evening soiree.

However, if you are looking for flounce, we are not your ‘go-to-boutique’ for sure!

5. How do you retail your garments?

I currently operate from home (Kemps Corner, Mumbai) & select exhibitions.  For orders we can we contacted on +91 9004045038 or        We can also be contacted on Facebook @ Tia’s Closet and Instagram @Tiasclosetindia

Link to view Lifestyle Images –

Link to view product shots –

Tia’s Closet is now available on and soon will be available on – however they will be retailing limited designs and for limited periods of time only.

6. What is your USP?

 Elegant designs, easy-to-wear exclusive outfits with flawless finishing

7. When did you start this business?

 I officially started the business in October, 2015


So all you grannies or aunties or mummies even, if you’re looking for simple yet elegant dresses for your little princess, just look into Tia’s Closet! 



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