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Why you should cover up


Cover your head

My granny always said 

Especially when the wind is blowing

I never really believed that Bombay would require woollies but a nasty bout of sniffles that attacked all three grandchildren at once had me re-think these wise words. 

Babies were always covered up even in the hottest of summer and this is what protected them from the changing temperature all through the day. But somewhere down the line we’ve for rid of bonnets and hats and inner wear that keeps baby’s chests warm and toasty. 

And I found it is not only infants or little babies, but pre-schoolers too who need to follow these basic rules of keeping the head and cheat covered. 

It does mean extra clothes to wash and things to keep track of but if you’ve spent nights keeping a baby upright on your chest while he grunted through a blocked nose the entire night, you will agree that a bonnet/cap and a light under garment is definitely worth a try.

So the next time there is a strong wind blowing, just cover up. 


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