Today I’m 9 months old

 And with three grandchildren I should know!  

Today Ms Papaya turns 9 months old which means that she’s spent as much time outside the womb as she was inside. And what a journey it has been! 

In the first month she learnt how to suckle and how to burp and how to make her presence known. And we learnt how to hold her, how to bathe her and how to care for someone so small.

In the second month she got more used to us and we got more used to her. She also got her first round of immunisations and learnt what it was to feel the first prick of pain. 

In the third month her neck became stronger and she could hold her head firmly while we carried her around with more confidence. She also had her ears pierced and her first party where she was introduced to the world. 

In the fourth month she started babbling and the world began taking notice of what she had to say. 

I have been privileged to see Ms Papaya change from helpless infant to exploring baby. Today she is sitting quite confidently, eating solid food and throwing things around. 

She is trying to find her feet and desperately wants to crawl. She knows what she likes and screams her dislike. She purses her lips when she’s full and actually frowns when she is upset . 

I’m glad I’m around to share her first year. 


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