5 crazy ways of raising a little reader

Reading is a dying skill and interest especially in printed form. But readings essential to learning and no amount of on line reading can replace the thrill of opening a new book, savouring the smell of paper and ink before settling down to taking each word one page at a time. However, with most babies now being brought up on iPads , iPhones and lap tops , we caregivers must make special effort to make our little ones read a real book.
Anamika Agnihotri shows us how she reared areader

the bespectacled mother

I have a young reader at home who has started reading short and simple stories independently. He never wants to miss his reading time which is twice a day, once at bedtime at night and another after waking up in the morning, barring one exception and that is when he is spending time with his grandparents.

There has been quite a many times when he is tired at night with drooping eyes and I ask him to stop reading after a page or

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