Fishy Tales #FridayReflections


Anna Shetty thought the boys needed to learn some responsibility. So she brought home a fish bowl with two fish. The two boys promptly named them Ginger and Goldie. They were goldfish naturally.

The older one looked at them with pride and reverence. They were HIS to look after and that made him very grown up.

Little Po with all the innocence of a two year old who only thought of his basic needs, looked at them with glee and pronounced happily ” FISH! EAT IT!”

Luckily they don’t have a cat else she’d have obliged.

Narrating this story to my friend Lilly who has reared three boys herself told me her own fishy story.

Hoping to instill some sense of responsibility ( naturally) into her three rowdies, her doctor husband brought home a fish tank with lots of little fish. After three days of diligent love and care , hubby dear conveniently left the task of cleaning the tank and feeding the fish to Lilly ( who herself is a busy, practicing doctor). Lilly found to her consternation that the fish were slowly diminishing. Could it be the cat? But it wasn’t.

So after a week of observing this phenomenon, she actually asked the boys where the fish were. The older one casually replied, ” Ask Stevie. He’s under the bed.”

Now more curious than ever, she glanced under the bed to find little Stevie watching the fish in fascination as it jumped around out of the water.

“What are you doing?” she asked raising her voice. “Why did you take the fish out of water?”

“To see him dance, mummy,” replied the little boy innocently, completely oblivious to the fish’s distress.

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I’m linking this with Sanch’s #FridayReflections


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